Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to Choose a Bridal Set Bra

Check out the list of top three things you should consider when choosing a bridal set bra.

There are two different types of bridal lingerie - one which is worn on the wedding day and other which is
Bridal Set Bra
worn on the wedding night. For the day, the bride needs a bra which offers comfort and support and does not show through the dress. For the night, something a little more sensuous would be ideal.

Choosing a bridal set bra is just as important as choosing the dress itself. On one of the most important days of your life, you surely would not want to worry about wires stabbing on the chest or lingerie discomfort. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a bridal set bra:

Focus on the ‘look’ for the day and the ‘feel’ for the night
Opt for a seamless bra to wear with the wedding dress. If your wedding dress is made of a heavier material, a standard bra can work too; however, you must make sure that no lines or straps show through. With lighter dress materials, seamless is the way to go. 

For the special night, choose a piece which is seductive. Bras with laces, ribbons, and other such materials might not go with the dress for the day, but they surely can be worn for the night. Laces are sultry, appealing enough for the wedding night. A bra bordered with lace looks cute, but with a full lace coverage looks naughty.

Match the Color
With the wedding dress, you should go for a bridal set bra which has either a nude tone or exactly matches the color of the dress. Refrain from buying a color with a different tone, since it creates the possibility of showing through. Any color that you deem sexy can be opted for the night.
Mind the Volume and Neckline

If you feel that you need more bust volume, you can always go for a push-up bra. It enhances the bust without looking very unnatural. Alternatively, you can opt for simple padded bras.
Lastly, don’t forget to consider the neckline of your dress before buying a bra for it. For deeper necklines, choose a similar bra design or simply go for a strapless bra if it is comfortable enough.

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